The Tauri Group Space and Technology team applies deep knowledge in the space and satellite industries to the needs of government and commercial clients. We believe industry leaders require objective, data-driven analysis, free of vested interests and pre-conceptions, to make the right decisions. The Tauri Group cultivates a culture of engagement and partnership with our clients, whose success we take personally.

The Tauri Group's expertise includes market research, economic analysis, technology assessment and investment strategy, data analysis, strategic communication, presentations, and report development. Many of the existing, authoritative data sets characterizing the space industry and sub-segments were originated by The Tauri Group or by Tauri analysts. We understand the interplay of national security, civil, and commercial space programs, capabilities, and markets.

The Tauri Group provides official launch industry data to the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation; assesses technology investments for NASA; delivers industry analysis and acquisition support for the Department of Defense; and provides market, investment, strategic, and technology analysis for leading aerospace organizations around the world.

Forecasts and Competitive Data

The Tauri Group's Space and Technology Team defines and analyzes space markets, forecasting demand for services and assessing competitive landscapes. (more)

Technology Assessment

Space technologies encompass almost every technology area across the economy, from energy generation and storage to materials, information technology, human health, and beyond. The Tauri Group brings an interdisciplinary team to technology assessment projects, with expertise across all major technology areas, combined with database and analysis tool development capability. (more)

Unique Datasets and Tools

The Tauri Group specializes in developing novel datasets to characterize industry activities or track technological developments. The Tauri Group builds datasets around reliable, realistic information, and we typically use commercial-off-the-shelf software to deliver meaningful data quickly and economically. (more)

Analysis and Policy Studies

The Tauri Group provides economic, policy, technology, and custom analysis to support executive and policy-level decision-making, using an interdisciplinary, data-focused approach. (more)

Art and Infographics

The Tauri Group produces high-impact infographics to communicate results to client and public audiences. The Tauri Group also creates original space-focused graphic design, 3D modeling, and fine art, courtesy of in-house Space Artist Phil Smith, whose artwork appears on the covers of many government space publications. You can see samples of our work in Our Products.

Carissa Bryce Christensen, Managing Partner

Carissa Bryce Christensen is a founder and Managing Partner of The Tauri Group, an analytic consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Ms. Christensen is a recognized expert in commercial space, and for 25 years has engaged the leading edge of the space industry with innovative analysis of space systems, industry economics, advanced technologies, unique regulatory requirements, and underlying demand.

Ms. Christensen conceived and originated data resources that remain industry standards. Those include:

  • An innovative, industry-wide, demand-based global market forecast for commercial satellite services, which became a benchmark in better understanding industry dynamics.
  • The first comprehensive economic measurement of the commercial satellite industry through the development of the Satellite Industry Association's (SIA) annual indicators.
  • A re-definition of the segments of the space industry in the inaugural Space Report published by the Space Foundation.
  • An industry model, and measures of revenue, investment, and employment, of the emerging commercial human spaceflight industry for the Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF)

These resources reflect consistent commitment to an objective viewpoint, rigorous analysis, and realistic characterization of trends.

Her on-going work with government agencies, industry organizations, launch firms, and satellite manufacturers and operators helps decision makers better understand market positioning, future demand for space services, and competitive dynamics. For example, recent projects led by Ms. Christensen have evaluated changing orbital launch prices for commercial satellites and analyzed segments of the suborbital launch market. She is currently the external space industry expert for the sector-by-sector tier-by-tier industrial base analysis being conducted by the DoD Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (MIBP).

Ms. Christensen's publications include contributions to peer-reviewed journals, industry publications, books, and conference proceedings. She has often been quoted in trade and popular media, including Wired, the CBS Evening News, Space News, and the Los Angeles Times.

The Tauri Group Space Technology Team

The Tauri Group's Space and Technology practice is built around an integrated analytic team of professionals with expertise in disciplines critical to the space and technology domain. Our experts in engineering, physics, statistics, biology, operations research, applied economics, communications, and policy analysis are bound together by a commitment to analytic rigor as the foundation for effective decision support.

Nearly 80 percent of our analysts have advanced degrees and together have experience serving more than 20 federal government agencies and organizations as well as working with hundreds of companies in space, energy, technology, aviation, and defense. Working together as a multi-disciplinary and cohesive unit, the Space and Technology practice brings a broad-based and objective perspective to decision support.

Our Products

Art and Infographics - original artwork by Phil Smith

Phil Smith has been an analyst in the space industry for over ten years and a freelance artist for more than twenty. The two careers come together in Phil's space art, as report covers, graphics and infographics, presentation templates, conference posters, and more.

Proficient in a range of mediums, including digital art, oil paintings, marker sketches, and line illustrations, Phil creates original artwork customized to a client's needs. He can produce stylized designs and detailed renderings. Phil can depict scenes in a range of time and place, such as commercial vehicles on a launch pad or space habitats orbiting Mars. He presents familiar topics from new perspectives, while maintaining a high level of technical accuracy. Phil has produced original space art for NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration, United States Air Force, SpaceWorks Engineering, and Space Frontier Foundation.